Providing frozen and refrigerated freight services, temperature-controlled distribution services for beverages and dairy products, and storage solutions centered in Kanagawa and covering all of Japan. Kyokurei: We put our customers first.
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Customer First
Kyokurei's overall total capacity is 114,288 tons. Our Daikoku Distribution Center is the largest in Japan, at 56,119 tons. We provide various facilities to meet our customers' needs, such as blast freezers, ethylene gas removal systems, small-area multi-temperature rooms, inspection rooms, sampling rooms, etc. Our facilities allow for efficient cargo handling, with features such as increased mobility thanks to our on-site wireless system, sloped platforms for rainy weather, and convenient layout for easy rear or front cargo loading/unloading. Our strength lies not only in our capacity, but also the high-functionality our facilities offer our customers.
Full Service Distribution Provider
As a result of our abundant knowledge regarding cargo and our continued pursuit of efficient cargo handling, we are able to provide complete storage solutions to our customers, regardless of weather conditions, for receiving, sorting, and dispatching large volumes of cargo. We also provide the best equipment for all of our customers' cargo handling needs. By utilizing current communication technologies, we are able to provide speedy, laborsaving responses to our customers' requests made through our online system. With our Seagull 7 range of services (Product Storage, Customs Clearance, Shipping, Food Analysis, Distribution Processing, Information Technology, and International Multimodal Transport), we are a full service distribution provider able to solve all of our customers' distribution needs. Through our specialized distribution knowledge, overall abilities, and innovation, we want to be the company our customers continue to choose.
Collaboration with Nichirei Logistics Group
We are able to provide a guarantee of food safety and continuously streamlined distribution through the utilization of the Nichirei Logistics Group's food distribution network, the largest in Japan. Each and every one of our employees works with persistent effort to meet the expectations of our customers and society at large. This is our fundamental belief.
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