Providing frozen and refrigerated freight services, temperature-controlled distribution services for beverages and dairy products, and storage solutions centered in Kanagawa and covering all of Japan. Kyokurei: We put our customers first.
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■Kyokurei: Providing safe and reliable logistics services for transport and
 delivery of goods
○Consistent improvement in quality of transport
 1.High quality staff
  ・We require crewmen to wear uniforms, helmets, and protective footwear every day.
  ・Our staff knows how to handle a wide range of goods, and offers customized support for each individual customer.
 2.High quality transport and delivery system
  ・Strict temperature management: chartered and LCL cargo services (chart submission)
  ・Emergency contact network constantly at the ready: direct contact with crew, excluding LCL services.
  ・Provide data on energy savings: providing ton-kilometer data.
 3.Transport and delivery network expansion
  ・Punctual daily delivery to our customers and over 300 locations throughout Japan.
  ・Reliable transport and delivery of goods, large and small, at a low price.
○Compliance with the law and care for the environment
 1.Compliance with the law
  ・Eliminating overloaded transport and speed violations.
 2.Care for the environment
  ・Implementing measures promoting green driving, turning engines off when idling, and preventing littering.
  ・Taking steps to lower our environmental burden.