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Distribution Processing
■Multifunction storage system featuring additional capabilities such as thawing and maturing
As an added value service for beverage raw materials, we have a thawing room that can simultaneously thaw 900 drums of material. We offer year round, high-quality thawing services at stable temperatures (+2 degrees C to +15 degrees C). For use with dairy products, especially cheeses, we offer 10 smaller rooms with accurate maturing temperature control (-5 degrees C to +15 degrees C) capable of 0.5 degree C increment adjustment for control over additional maturation or arresting maturation.
Thawing room capable of simultaneously thawing 900 drums ▼
10 maturing rooms capable of 0.5 degree C adjustments ▼
▼ Collecting samples and performing various analyses
▼ Plastic pallet washer
▼ Taste testing room