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Corporate Philosophy
Our performance continues to be the preferred choice.
In addition to solid expert knowledge and comprehensive capabilities, the Nichirei Logistics Group - with fresh and unique solutions developed by each of our individual employees - will continue to lead temperature-controlled logistics into the future and support food supply in Japan.
To make contributions to people's lives through the delivery of foodstuffs.
To deliver fresh and safe foodstuffs to people as efficiently as possible.
2.Basic Positions
To ensure reasonable profitability as a core business in the Nichirei Group.
To realize the goal of efficient logistics through the viewpoint of what is best for the customer.
To give Quality, Environment, and Safety the highest priorities in our operations.
3.Business Vision
Provide comprehensive logistics services utilizing Japan's top temperature controlled warehousing operations, Nichirei's strong brand image, and its complete storage and distribution network.
Quality Policies
Based on the Nichirei Group's fundamental idea of working for our customers, we create and provide valuable services and excellent quality that fully satisfy our customers. To accomplish this, I have appointed the following as our Quality Policies. Every one of our employees shall follow these policies to provide the highest level of service possible.
1. Provide safe, reliable and precise logistics services
2. Provide logistics services that support and contribute to society
3. Aim for constant improvement and advancement through continuous innovation
4. Improve productivity through effective employee training and increase employee satisfaction
What is Green Management?
"Business" is a fundamentally commercial enterprise, where the administrator of a business seeks to lower costs and increase revenue. However, as the seriousness of environmental problems increases, businesses must make plans to lessen their impact on the environment. Adopting environmental conservation as the business corporate social responsibility, while simultaneously pursuing commercial viability, is imperative for a business to maintain continued growth. "Green Management" is a management system that involves protecting the environment while pursuing commercial viability, as well as the continued coexistence of these to ideas in future business activities. Green Management requires the independent and systematic advancement of environmental policies while still aiming for improvement in the managerial aspects of running a business. Energy efficiency improvements, such as electricity and fuel usage reduction, are representative examples of Green Management implementation.
The Green Management methodology is becoming an important factor for making commercial progress in the future. The cycle of (1) understanding a business's current environmental conservation activities, (2) evaluating methods for improvement based on assessment results, (3) creating a plan of action, (4) implementing new initiatives based on this plan, and (5) continuously evaluating and rethinking the business's current activities, is necessary to achieve continued advances in various environmental activities and to make progress as a business that adheres to the ideas of Green Management.
Environmental Policies
Based on the corporate philosophy of the Nichirei Logistics Group, Kyokurei Corporation shall reliably implement the following policies, aim for progress in environmental conservation and sustainable activities, and strive to lessen global warming and reduce its burden on the environment.
  1. As a temperature-controlled distributor and freight carrier, we shall pursue the implementation of safe operations, prevention of air and water pollution, and conservation of resources and energy, and we shall aim to promote waste reduction and recycling policies.
  2. We shall adopt a management system that suitably operates under the policies of Green Management, and strive for continuous improvement and prevention of environmental pollution.
  3. We shall comply with regulations and other requirements related to the environment.
  4. In order to achieve these policies, we shall accurately evaluate our impact on the environment, set environmental goals and objectives, monitor our progress towards these objectives, and implement periodic reviews of our policies.
  5. All of our employees shall be informed of these policies and the implementation of these policies shall be upheld.
  6. These policies shall be documented, and disclosed to other parties upon request.

     May 28st, 2015
Toshinori Nakamura
Representative Director and President, Kyokurei Corporation