Providing frozen and refrigerated freight services, temperature-controlled distribution services for beverages and dairy products, and storage solutions centered in Kanagawa and covering all of Japan. Kyokurei: We put our customers first.
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International Multimodal Transport
■International Multimodal Transport Support
 -Alternative services to your company's own logistics operations
 -Increased range of support, from the producer overseas to the domestic end-user.
 -Utilizing Nichirei's overseas locations
Connecting scattered locations with a single line of distribution.
Nichrei Logistics Group Overseas Base
■Shanghai Fresh Line Express Co., Ltd. (China)
Shanghai Fresh Line Express offers warehousing, transport, and distribution of frozen and chilled products, as well as distribution processing and consulting services. Our current operations include temperature-controlled distribution (twice daily) to about 290 outlets that belong to a Shanghai-based major convenience store chain, as well as triple-tier temperature range distribution to Japan-based supermarkets and restaurants (100 destinations daily).
■Eurofrigo Rotterdam (Netherlands)
Adjacent to Rotterdam Port. Has an EU veterinary checkpoint and support for goods unloaded at Rotterdam Port that are subject to quarantine.
■Eurofrigo Venlo (Netherlands)
Located at a strategic location for Dutch transport, near Venlo, Roermond, and Heerlen. Located at the southern tip of the Netherlands on the border with Germany, providing distribution to inland Europe. Experience with ice cream and manufactured goods, also supports order picking.
■Hiwa Rotterdam Port Cold Stores (Netherlands)
No.1 handler of fruit juices in Europe. Located at Rotterdam Port, the Gateway to Europe.
■Thermotraffic Group (Germany, Holland)
Has 5 branches in Germany (incl. HQ), 2 in Netherlands (incl. HQ), and an office in England covering the area under EC jurisdiction, plus distribution coverage to Hungary, Poland, and Russia. Providing total logistical service support, including inland trucking, marine transport, and customs clearance. Providing optimal logistics utilizing the Dutch group's temperature-controlled warehouses and joint operations with other companies.
■Frigo Logistics (Poland)
Operates a temperature-controlled warehouse equipped with a mobile rack system in Znin, Poland. The company is also building out a logistics network within the same country.
■Transports Godfroy S.A. (France)
Transports Godfroy is based in Carpiquet at Normandie of France. The company operates delivery to the whole area of France.
■Entrepots Godfroy S.A. (France)
Entrepots Godfroy is based in Carpiquet. The company handles mainly frozen foods. The warehouse also works as the cross docking center of Transports Godfroy.
■Entrepots De L'Ocean S.A. (France)
Entrepots De L'Ocean is based in Le Havre which is known as the biggest port in France. The company handles mainly imported products to be unloaded at the port of Le Havre.
■Entrepots du Plateau S.A. (France)
Entrepots du Plateau is based in Collombelle. The company handles mainly fishery products.