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Food Analysis
■Sampling, analysis, and all the steps in between
Kyokurei operates the commercial warehousing industry's only Analysis Center.
By taking timely analysis samples of products in our warehouses, analysis can start immediately, meaning our customers have very little time to wait for testing results. We offer physical and chemical testing, microbial testing, and sensory analysis services, with a wide range of testing criteria and constantly updated techniques and equipment. Nearly all of our testing criteria comply with official methods, allowing us to provide analysis results you can trust. Please contact us about any additional proprietary testing necessary (acceptance testing of raw materials, etc.).

■Foreign substance analysis: providing safety and security
If any foreign substances are found during testing, foreign substance analysis is performed immediately. Rises in safety and security awareness require rapid response to foreign substance contamination. In order to meet our customers' needs for identifying foreign substances, we increased our overall analysis capabilities by bringing in an IR spectrophotometer in June 2007. Prompt analysis is possible by immediately bringing products found to be contaminated with a foreign substance to the Analysis Center.
Main equipment:
 Liquid chromatography (HPLC)
Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS)
Inductively coupled plasma MS (ICP-MS)
IR spectrophotometry, spectrophotometry, colorimetry
Fruit juice distillation apparatus in compliance with JAS standards
Experiment microscopes
Clean rooms/hoods
Sensory analysis rooms,
☆Range of services:
 1.Microbial testing
 (general bacteria population, coliform bacteria, mold/yeast)
2.Physical and chemical testing
 (sucrose, pH, acid degree, Brix, color)
3.Sensory analysis
  (tasting/smelling, off-flavors/aromas)
☆Analyses based on standards:
1.Japan Agricultural Standards (JAS)
2.Food Sanitation Law standards
3.Standards for various beverage   manufacturers
Our specialist staff, using the latest in analysis equipment, provides product analysis services that meet the needs of our customers.